Gear Review – Spearfishing Setup

A friend of mine is coming into town to do some spearing and wanted to know what kind of gear to bring. He has some of the necessary stuff but I made a list of everything just in case. I won’t cover the snorkel, mask, fins and wet suit in detail here because those are a little more involved. Many times very personalized. The wet suit should be tried on in person since they are all a little different and needs a tight fit. Mask I have covered before but still struggle with myself. Snorkels range from a basic U-bend to fancier ones with blowout valves.

Gloves – I wanted some gloves to protect me when I punch a rock accidentally as a wave pushes me into the reef or grabbing lobster. Knowing Cressi by reputation I thought these might work and so far they really have.  This is the third pair of neoprene gloves I have owned but the first brand name ones. What I notice is that they are thinner material, feel lighter, but also feel more durable. I do not even feel like a have gloves on. I can manage adjusting my gear (fins), weight belt, spear, or game clip and have enough tactile ability still. Perfect! (

Booties –  My boots are older ones that my father used when on a tuna kayak trip I took him out on. He thought they would keep his feet warm since we were launching through the surf in December. Brilliant! Luckily he left them with me and I used them in the kayak for years with no complaints. Though I have abused them these boots are still kicking (Ha! See what I did there?) Since I cannot find the identical boot I have a very similar boot from the same manufacturer as a suggestion. (



Knife – I needed a knife when I got back into spearing so went in search of something small but easily wielded underwater. The sole purpose is to kill fish quickly not underwater EOD missions with the SEALs (which is what most people seem to gravitate towards) so I selected this one. So far it has been able to cut 550 cord when asked and brain fish easily. (

Spears – I have an old 6.5ft fiberglass spear that I used for a while… No ideal what brand but it kills fish just fine after I added a rope-wrapped hand grip which I rubbed with some Scuba Choice 7' Travel Spearfishing 3-Piece Pole Spear 3 Prong Barb Paralyzer Tip Adjustable to 5' with Bagof the left over glue from the wet suit repair. The glue rubberizes the grip nicely… Recently I picked up a new travel spear so I could take it out to Hawaii (big island) with me on an upcoming trip. As I write this the wrapped grip is about 1/2 done. I cannot wait to try it but ‘in the house dry shots‘ …I think it  is really fast action.  (note added about in the house dry shots…don’t do it. It recoiled back on me and I took a direct shot to the ding ding…OUCH!)Also, can be set up in a 5 ft or 7 ft configuration. I suppose if you need a smaller spear for some reason… The Travel spear does come with a bag to keep it in and likely not authorized by TSA for carry on anyway. HA!

Game Clip –  For fish all you need is a section of line with a couple carabiners on each end but I do like my clip as well. I put my weight belt through the small hole and can keep my take close to me. No equipment failures yet with this product…one user error on a boat though. Do remember to pull it in if you are going to make a run to another location. The line popped off after a 10 minute run at full speed across the bay. I lost two fish and the previous clip … DOH! (

With all that fancy gear you are going to need a bag to carry it to and from the car. I seem to have a bag addiction so have collected many bags for gear. This is the one I use for lugging gear to the truck. Hint to keep it light…leave the weight belt out. Just leave it in the truck and this bag will be nice and light.


Regardless of what you end up with in your kit be sure to wash it all down with fresh water after every trip. The easiest way for me is to take it all into the shower with me to rinse it off when I get home. Leave it in the tub to dry. Put it back in the bag and back in the truck after it is totally dry. No matter what the company claims the ocean claims all gear over time. A good rinse will ensure a couple years of service though!


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