Cabo Planning B’s-Day (40)

B, of B-Outside, is having a B-day….

This is not just any B-day though. It is the big 40!  Yikes! (… and I still feel like I’m 20 in my head! WTH time relativity!?)

As is typical with B’s-day I want better than a BBQ Buffet, Beer, BJ, and Bed… B-days before I have Blasted the bike to Big Sur or backpacking, broke camp at Black Jack in time for a brunch Buffalo Burger beside the airport, on Catalina. B‘s buddies have been discussing buying bikes for a blast to Cabo, MX. These buddies from San Diego, Bangkok, and back East are bleakly deliberating attendance as they are often beholden to burdens barring lengthy buffoonery.

Bestride the ides of October, blast-off from San Diego,  12-14 days in Baja. Because buddies bail….I’m planning this as a solo trip but everybody is invited to meet up in Cabo or join any part of this badass bike trip.

Since it will be B‘s-day there should be a theme. I’ll think on it to see if something becomes obvious….

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