Summer fish make winter dish – Salmon Sausage

After the trip to AK this summer with Tristan (my son) we came home with piles of fish to process.

Tristan with a Salmon. Caught with his Great Grandmother's fly rod.
Tristan with a Salmon. Caught with his Great Grandmother’s fly rod.

Quick brine and rub…. then to the smoker!!! (No camera’s allowed near the smoker I guess :))

Usually a salt and brown sugar mix... add some other seasonings if you like.
Usually a salt and brown sugar mix… add some other seasonings if you like.

Process: 6-8 hrs in a brine, drain, then rubbed down with brown sugar, 8-10hrs on the smoker (hickory chips this time).

I wrap them up and keep it in the freezer. Should be good for 6 months but I’d never know…it doesn’t last that long.

Being fond of sausage and having made bacon, jerky, salami from virtually any kind of meats… I thought, what about salmon sausage? First, to the interwebs to see if I am insane. This is how I found and after reading many of the great posts there, including salmon sausage, I knew I was keeping good company (but in no way confirmed that I am not insane).

Basically, the sausage was seasoned two different ways but I used smoked Salmon, some roasted pumpkin seeds, cilantro, and cheese. Other seasonings to taste… I removed the grinder blade from the Kitchen Aide sausage attachment so I did not ruin the salmon by grinding it into unrecognizable paste that might be in your McD’s burger.

Two types... seasoned differently.  YUM!
Two types… seasoned differently. YUM! Pan was used to carmelize onions and garlic. ‘In the heat of sausage’ sometimes things get reused.

I like these sausages, they taste like a smoked fish taco in a sausage. Can finish them with a pan sear, smoke, grill, or roast to crisp the casing… I like to serve with lime and jalapeño tarter sauce (mayo and jalapeño relish with a squeeze of lemon and salt/pepper to taste).

Recently, I swapped Italian sausage for the salmon sausage in a spaghetti squash experiment (tomato sauce on top). Served as spaghetti, steamed and pulled with a fork. No recipe to share, just off the cuff. I’ll keep playing with these and see what other uses we find. The smoked sausage with the acidic marinara and parm went amazingly well.  Also ate it too quickly to take pictures… DOH! Promise to do better with that in the future.


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