Yellow tail sushi

Kayak fishing in San Diego is one of my pastimes for the past 9 years. It is a blast and exciting when a 60lb fish drags you around the open ocean. Of course that is fun and for more information check out I’ve been regular there for a long time but if you think you want to give it a shot that is your best resource.

A while back I went out with a friend to fish. Early morning launch (5am). Made bait and started trolling a fly line which is just a hook with live bait swimming. Paddle slowly so the bait can keep up. If you happen a cross a school of yellow tail, boom… Sushi. B-)


So I am typically a sushi purist (lived in Japan a couple years) but having lived in California for a couple years now I did make a roll. (Don’t judge me!) 🙂

To make sashimi/sushi you should freeze the fish for a couple hours to kill any kind of parasites. They do this with all commercial fish too, just in case.  Thaw it out and slice with your sharpest knife. If you don’t have a sharp knife you can cut the fish before completely thawed (or buy yourself a big boy knife).

Sushi is just sashimi on rice… don’t make to big a deal about it.  I wrapped mine with some nori (seaweed) which I also like by itself.

To make a roll, I used a bamboo rolling mat. Stacked the goods (get creative), rolled it, drizzled with hoisin sauce, and sesame seeds.  I rough chopped some of the tuna and mixed it with Siracha. I layered it seaweed, rice, tuna mix, then roll…

Best enjoyed with friends and Sapporo!

3 thoughts on “Yellow tail sushi

  1. They are awesome fish and fun to play. I can only imagine spearing one. Unless you got a kill shot you might be in for a ride!! It has been hard to leave SoCal and return to AK because of those expiriences. Like picking lobster by hand and flashlight in shorts on the backside of Catalina in October. (*priceless*)


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