Planning – Solo Motorcycle to Cabo

Posts have been sporadic as I have been distracted lately by the latest adventure, day dreaming, new friends, and all things shiny. Though there are a few posts in various stages of production… they will trickle out as motivation and time allow. Interesting thing motivation. . . after spending hours writing and looking at a post; why do I stare a 2/3’s completed post like it is a three headed alien monkey with a finger in its the bum?

Moving on… 🙂  Friday  (post requisite soul crushing, day-long, bake under fluorescent lights) I will turn the bike south towards my Mexican Family’s house in Rosarito, Mexico.  Only a short 45 minute ride across the border, the little coastal town is easier to get to than the Temecula Wine country.


I’ll spend a evening with them before wandering South with no plan except to see some cave paintings and maybe sleep on the beach.

Solo riding has pluses and minuses. Would I love to share a trip with the buddies…. yea sure. Unfortunately not everyone’s priorities sync to allow group trips every time. They are really special when they do though!

Pluses of solo trips: Introspection, catch up on books/writing, meeting new friends, language immersion, (maybe) fewer big nights out, less complex travel (cost, waiting, negotiations)….

Minuses of solo trips: Security, no assistance with repairs, lost opportunity for comradery, and for myself … I seem to get further away from relating to people at home as they cannot relate to my experiences.

Forcing the opportunity for twelve days to explore the last remaining unsullied bit of the Old West along the trails used by natives, then Spanish explorers, and today much of the highway/freeway system used from Cabo to Vancouver… Cheap eats made by real people living in some of the last unspoiled places on the West Coast… I’m all in.


4 thoughts on “Planning – Solo Motorcycle to Cabo

    1. Just SD to Cabo….but the history of the trails and roads go all the way up. I’ve explored most the rest already…just need this southernmost section. 😊


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