Venison Loin

This is a scheduled post as I am off-grid in AK somewhere trying to fill the freezer.  Enjoy!

The bear trundles across the meadow toward a kill that has been stashed for later consumption. Digs though the bits to find the best hunk of meat and rips that best piece into the clutches of its teeth to drag back to a comfortable spot under a tree….

….or I walked across my place, opened the freezer, rummaged past the stew meat to find a vacuum packed vessel of venison back strap to cook for dinner. Nearly the same observation to the casual bystander, right?

Clean and lean – Venison Back Strap

Long prized cuts secreted away in the back of the freezer. How should I cook the best cuts? First I enlisted my son, Mr. T,. to assist by directing him at a freezer bag. He grabs a sandwich bag…sigh. I feel derelict in my duties of teaching him the food sciences. I direct him to soy, seasonings, Sriracha garlic red chili paste (same company different product), and other mysterious jars/pouches in my pantry. All go into the bag with the thawed loin. Then into the fridge to rest for the day.


Pan seared in cast iron with butter, and small dollop of sesame oil, till a nice crust is achieved… then about 15 minutes in the oven @ medium heat… say 350.

Cut into medallions and pounce….

One medallion would feed a person in a restaurant (at $50 a plate) but it is not uncommon for bears to eat 2 or 3.


Do not waste the juices in the pan! De-glaze the pan with some red wine, add some brown sugar, and simmer it down. Add a couple pinches of corn starch to thicken. Best gravy is pan gravy!


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