Bridges – Urban Exploring in San Diego

An easy day of local urban exploring on the Motorcycle with my son (Mr. T). We found four local bridges that many people either do not know exist or pay very little mind.


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Spruce Street Suspension Bridge (1912) – Connects 4th and 5th Street over Kate Sessions Canyon and was built to allow access to the 4th street trolley line. Kate Sessions is credited with many of the plantings in Balboa Park. The bridge rocks and sways when you cross it but is rated to hold 164 tons(!). This bridge is the only one of its kind in the United States.


Quince Street Trestle Bridge (1905) – Connects 3rd and 4th Streets over Maple Canyon and was also built for access to the trolley. There is a cool trail that allows visitors to hike underneath for a closer view of the support structure.


First Avenue Bridge (1931) – From the top of the bridge (1st Avenue) you might have no ideal that you are going over a historic bridge which has some interesting construction underneath. If you hike under the Quince Street Trestle Bridge and continue down the trail into Maple Canyon you will hike right under the First Avenue Bridge. You can walk right up to the steel structure and see the very cool (likely hand riveted) stanchions.


Vermont Street Bridge (1916 – 1974/1995) – This bridge once was a trestle bridge as well. Unfortunately it was demolished in 1974. The need for a pedestrian bridge was evidently still strong as they rebuilt it in 1995. To me this means that the speed of real time government took 21 years to do something. In 2013 the city and volunteers completed a facelift that include quotes and art. Can you figure out the rebus puzzle? It took me a while….

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